Olive oil could be used for this method

Beauty is truly skin deep and despite using the different modern cosmetics and skincare products, we always tend to go back on the home remedies used by our mothers and grandmothers. True, they never used anything else except household products in their days to embrace such beautiful, clear and healthy-looking skin.

Modern skincare products may claim to do a lot of stuff but in the end they are made up of lot of chemicals which aren't very good for our skin. Preservatives like Paraben are said to be carcinogenic. SLS, the soapy ingredient in our face and body washes make our sky dry and strip it off it's natural oils. It's not rare to see people complain how their skin used to be baby soft when they were kids and how they wish they could have that kind of glow and softness back.

So are there any ways in which we could have that beautiful, healthy glowing skin back? The answer is Yes! Follow these simple tips everyday to get back that baby soft dewy skin.

Rule number one of skincare is, If you can eat it, only then apply it. Use edible oils for conditioning your skin. The horrendous amount of oils in the market claiming to do wonders aren't edible because there is something in it which is not made for human consumption. If you won't eat it, why would you trust it to be good on your skin at the same time?!

Use 100%e edible coconut oils, castor oils, Olive Oils, Almond Oils for this method.

Oil Cleansing method is basically using natural oils instead of face washes to cleanse our face, neck and even body. Do this after you come home from outside or before bedtime at night.

1. Apply any of the natural oil, preferably castor and olive oil generously on your face and neck.
2. Dip your washcloth in warm water and then squeeze out water from it.
3. Put this warm washcloth over your face and give your face a minute or so to absorb the steam from the cloth.
4. Now using the same washcloth wipe off the oil on your face very gently and Viola! You will see that your skin looks much clear and softer.
5. Apply a night cream (before bed, i.e.) or a light face cream (at other times) on the face.

Make sure to have a goodnight's sleep as it is rumored that the skin repairs itself from midnight and 2am in the morning.
In a few days you'll notice a difference in your skin.

Bonus Tips: During winters our skin can dry out and look flaky. So do the above method and apply 3-4 drops of oils on your face and do your ritual makeup. Don't forget to finish off with a compact powder for that amazing dewy baby faced look!



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